Does the school offer ACT prep classes that students can take?
Yes, through One-to-One Learning Center in Northfield. They are held at ETHS.

The College Career Center also has a list of test prep. services:

Where can we find a tutor for ACT prep?
  • Norm Zuwffle, 847-328-0244. NHe gives a test and then focuses upon the students' areas of need.
  • NU tutors, a group run by Northwestern students that is fairly reasonable, has some prep courses.

Should my child take the SAT?
Some schools require the SAT, some the ACT, some will accept either and some have no standardized test requirement. Look for books which rank colleges, they list the average test scores of accepted students at each school. The College and Career Center has many of these books.

Should my child my child take SAT subject tests?
Some schools (mostly Ivy League) require SAT subject tests.

Where can I find SAT prep classes or an SAT tutor?
NU tutors, also offers SAT prep.