ETHS Website
The first place to go to find information. Updated regularly. Important announcements are posted on the home page.

E-town Bulletin (formerly known as the Daily Bulletin)
A daily listing of important events at the school, including club meeting places and times, intramural sports, college visits, contests, scholarships, fine arts activities, deadlines and much more. Shared with students in 3rd period classes. On the web by 8:00 am at: or subscribe to receive it by email:

ETHS Pilot
The handbook of all things ETHS: policies, regulations and day-to-day information. If you have a question - start here.

ETHS School Calendar
Dates of school events and non-attendance days. Paper copies are mailed in the summer.

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Home Access Applications
Home Access Center allows parents/guardians and students to access these items online:
  • Daily Summary -> Daily Absence
  • Attendance -> Monthly Attendance
  • Interim Progress -> Quarterly Interim Progress Reports
  • Report Cards -> Quarterly and Semester Report Cards
  • Registration -> Contact Information
  • Schedule -> Class Schedule
  • Classwork -> Graded Assignments and Scores

ETHS Home Applications allows parents/guardians and students to access these items online:
  • SOS Attendance
  • Electronic Device Registration

Contacting Staff by Email
Email the person’s last name, then first initial, then Paul Smith’s email address would be:

Information on how to become a member of the PTSA, a PTSA volunteer and upcoming PTSA meetings.

ETHS PTSA Listserve
A listserve for members of the ETHS community. Parents can ask questions of other parents and take part in conversations about school issues. To subscribe send an email to:
If you are subscribed and do not wish to receive individual emails, just one email per day (daily digest), send an email to:

ETHS College Planning Listserve
Ask questions and share information about planning for colleges with other parents and students. To subscribe send an email