Consumer Education

When is the Consumer Ed test offered? How do students sign up?
Read the Daily Bulletin.
In 2010 it read: "Sign-up for the ILLINOIS CONSUMER ED TEST is from January 19th through Tuesday, January 26th in H-211(bring your ID). The Consumer ED Test is Tuesday, February 2nd.
Additional information regarding the test will be provided when you sign up. You must sign up during your free period, lunch period, or after school only. Passes will not be givenif you are late to class.

Who should take the Consumer Ed test?
The Consumer Ed test is for students who are not currently taking a course that grants Consumer ED credit or who did not previously pass the ILLINOIS CONSUMER ED test. The test is given only one time during the school year and ALL GRADE LEVEL students can take the test.

Is the Consumer Ed test difficult?
The consumer ed test is difficult, but it doesn't hurt to try. Students receive the study guide when they sign up for the test. Yes, you just need to pass, and there is no grade or credit. You can re-take it next year if you fail.

What classes fulfill the Consumer Ed requirement?
There are also many classes which fulfill this requirement. Any Career Pathways Smart Lab or practicum, American Legal System, Economics, Independent Living, Business/Financial Math, or Contemporary Adult Life; full-year–Business Law. In these courses students can receive elective credit in the appropriate department and also meet the consumer education requirement.

  • "My son took Economics during his senior year, and really enjoyed the course."

Where can I find study materials? What material is covered on the test?
My recollection is that the "study material" is the same as the online sample test. I didn't have much luck finding appropriate study materials anywhere but did review (VERY briefly) the basics of simple banking, simple taxes, renting an apartment/reading a contract, buying a car, what insurances one needs, consumer protection laws, and how the government is organized. My girls didn't do spectacularly on the practice test but did pass the real test. It isn't a long test and even if your student passes it, they can still take any course that provides consumer ed credit if they wish to. I think it's worth it to try the test--it gives the student to option to take some other elective if there are others more relevant to their needs.

Where can I find a sample test? assessment/icept.htm

When and where is the test?
In 2010 the test was in Room A241. Check-in at 8:30 a.m. Exam runs from 8:45 - 10:45.