Course Selection

AP Classes

Students who take AP classes are expected to take the AP exam. The exam fee is $86 per exam. If a student is enrolled in an AP class, the school will register the students for the exam and will send a bill to the parents. If a student who is not enrolled in an AP class wishes to take an AP exam, they must notify the school by March 1. Students who take AP classes and the AP exam receive a 1.0 increase in their grade; students who take the AP class but do not take the exam receive a .5 increase in their grade.

AP exams are given in May. A complete calendar is available on the College Board website.

Applied Science Credit

If you have a child who is involved in the Arts (orchestra, band, chorus, or theatre), make sure to get in the Applied Science credit as soon as possible. This means don't bother with Art 1 in summer school; they won't need it unless they are planning on taking other arts classes. This is especially important if you have a child on the Chem-Phys track. They should take a course like Graphic Arts during the summer instead. Another option is to take Contemporary Adult Life during summer school - it fulfills both the Applied Science requirement and the Consumer Ed. requirement.