Driver's Ed

Should my child take driver's ed?

Does ETHS offer driver's ed?
Yes. It is offered Fall, Spring and Summer. It may be taken by juniors and seniors for pass/fail credit. It iincludes 30 hours of
classroom and six hours of laboratory instruction, as required by state law. I

Who can take it?
Enrollment is limited and selection is based on grade and age (oldest students have first consideration.) Must be 16 by Feb. 1 to enroll 1st semester; by July 1 to enroll 2nd semester; by Sept. 1 for summer school. State law requires students to have accumulated 8 credits (freshman year) before they may enroll in Driver Education. Students must obtain an Illinois Instruction Permit by the end of the second week of the class.

When is driver's ed taught?
Taught after school from 4-6pm, Tuesday through Thursday, for an 8-week period (to be announced) and through Summer School.

How do students enroll in driver's ed?
Enrollment is done through the Physical Education office, not through the student’s counselor. Enrollment announcements are made in the Daily Bulletin. Students collect forms from the Phys Ed office.

What does it cost?
Cost of the permit is $20, and is in addition to the $50 course fee.

What do I do if my child does not get into driver's ed at ETHS?
There are companies in and around Evanston that offer driver's ed.:
Adams Driving School
American Defensive Driving School
Capitol Driving School +1-847-864-4600 1900 Asbury Avenue, Evanston, IL

How does my child get a driver's permit?
50 hours of practice driving time is required outside of driving school, with a licensed driver 21 yrs or older, with 10 of the 50 hours of driving at night. For the first 12 months of licensing or until the driver turns 18, the number of passengers is limited to one person under the age of 20, unless the passenger is a sibling of the driver. Study for a license at a driving school can require 30 hours of classroom work and 12 hours behind the wheel instruction done in 1 ½ hours of driving, followed by 1 ½ hours of observation of another beginning driver.

Where do we go to get a driver's permit or driver's license?
The Deerfield Dept. of Motor Vehicles has a shorter wait time generally than the Niles office.