Scam artists using ETHS name to raise funds: Thursday, May 20th, 2010 [ETHS memo]
Several scam artists are passing around flyers in town purporting to be from Evanston Township High School and asking for donations. Some flyers say the funds are to help underwrite a basketball tournament, others seek to cover funeral costs for a deceased basketball player, or for “Stop the Violence” programs. While the flyer content seems to vary, there is always some ETHS-related art on the flyer: the ETHS logo, seal, and/or image of the mascot Willie Wildkit. These people and their flyers do NOT represent ETHS and should be reported to the Evanston police. The scam artists, usually two young men and occasionally a woman, have been seen outside of Whole Foods, in parking lots of big stores (Jewel, Best Buy, etc.), at Penny Park, and elsewhere around Evanston and in Skokie. According to Evanston Police Commander Tom Guenther, if you are approached by anyone suspicious who is allegedly soliciting funds on behalf of ETHS, or if you have any questions, please contact the Evanston police at 847-866-5000.
Medill story about scam using ETHS logos:
EvanstonNow story

Bike Safety (Summer School)
From Terence Doby, Director of Safety:
Thank you for your inquiry. There will not be a safety orientation (for summer school kids), but perhaps we can draft some safety 'Dos and Don'ts' to add to our summer school mailing. We can be sure to add the proper way to secure a bicycle. ETHS uses standard, readily available bike racks, so the information would be useful anywhere a person would secure his or her bicycle.

Regarding our bike park, in particular, it will be reconstructed over this summer and unavailable to park bikes in. A temporary bike park has been identified at the north-east corner of the varsity baseball field during construction of the new bike park. The view from cameras into this temporary lot will be limited as this is not what this area was designed for. At the conclusion of construction, well after summer school but before the new school year begins, we'll have a new bike park with updated racks and clearly defined rows and sufficient video coverage.

In the meantime, place the front wheel of the bike over the bike rack and secure the frame and front wheel to the bike rack with a solid (not cable or chain link) lock like a Kryptonite U-Lock https://www.kryptonitelock. com/products/List.aspx?cid= 1001&scid=1000 or similar product - that would provide the best protection from theft in our current environment. For additional bike safety and security tips in the interim, please visit the National Bike Registry at http://www. proplock.html.

Many students at ETHS have experienced thefts of personal property.
If your student experiences a theft/burglary:
Upon the theft/burglary a student should contact security and complete a report. The Safety department will try and recover the item.

ETHS cannot press charges against a person who has a committed a theft/burglary at ETHS nor can Safety file a police report. This can only be done by the victim and his or her family. ETHS does not file a theft report for students, whether the amount stolen is $1 or $1,000,000. Officer Wilson stated that if your child has anything of value stolen at ETHS, you should of course file a police report. She went on to say that if any of us were to have something stolen at a restaurant, a store or at someone else's home, we would file a report. Why wouldn't parents do the same at ETHS? Filing a police report is simple, you call the EPD non- emergency number, 847- 866-5000, give them your report and they will give you a case number- all over the phone.

How the school works to prevent thefts.
Safety personnel spin the locks on student lockers, identify trouble spots, post signs, encourage students to not bring valuables to school, to not leave their backpacks unzipped, and to not leave their property out and unsecured. Mr. Kaminsky has instituted many initiatives that have reduced the amount of theft/burglary every year. These initiatives include things such as: heavy duty locks on gym lockers, more and better quality cameras, signage, and student education on security and working with team coaches on security.

Mr. Doby said that they have a new program coming up that will allow anyone, parent or student, to text an anonymous tip to security. The school has an ID program that helps students mark their valuable with a code that will register the item on the student's file at school to help to identify the item is it is found. ETHS hopes to expand this program which will allow students to register the serial numbers of personal items to be kept in the student's file. Additionally, the Safety Department collects crime data to find patterns and then deploys resources accordingly. Gym locker rooms seem to be a major target of theft and burglary at ETHS. Of note is that they are putting an extra person in the boys' locker rooms next year.

Registering Personal Items
First, I had heard that it was possible to register personal serial numbers in home access. Here are the directions I received from Mr. Doby: To log into the Property Tracker, first navigate to the ETHS home page. There are four (4) orange buttons near the top of the page, click the one labeled "Home Access Applications". On the resulting page, click the blue button in the right column labeled "ETHS Home Applications". Log-in using your Home Access Center credentials and there'll be a page with two (2) tabs, one for SOS and One for Property Tracking. Select the Property Tracking tab and enter up to five (5) personal property items with serial numbers and we'll have record of it/them.

If a student is suspected of theft or burglary at the high school, Dr. Witherspoon said that he or she will be disciplined internally by the school. Because most students at ETHS are minors, however, this information is private and cannot be shared with the victim and his or her family.

This information was taken from notes of a meeting of parents and school administrators on the subject of crime/theft at ETHS. The full notes are available here:

Parent Safety Shadow Day
Mr. Doby mentioned the possibility of a parent safety shadow day. When I asked him to elaborate, this was his response: "I'm prepared to conduct these now. In fact, I'll have a parent in-house next week (May 2010) who is concerned about theft at ETHS. I'll walk him through what we do and engage him in conversation. We're all in this together. The whole idea is to solve problems."

Security Website
Lastly, I tried to get a more specific date about the promised security website with online forms/incident reporting. He said he would like to see this as soon as possible, but, as you might expect, the specifics are out of his control. (Hopefully fall 2010.)