Senior Year



Prom is for seniors (underclassmen can go, if invited by a senior) and is held at the Navy Pier ballroom for dinner and dancing, followed by After Midnight, a PTSA-supported after-prom activity, staffed by ETHS security staff and PTSA volunteers. It is a cruise on the Odyssey tour boat on Lake Michigan with entertainment and food which runs from 1-3am. Students take a change of casual clothes to change into after the dress-up Prom, but some students dress up for the boat in dressy casual clothing.

Library fines must be paid before graduation caps and gowns can be picked up.

Graduation is held in Northwestern’s Welsh-Ryan basketball Arena, which is not air conditioned, and routinely lasts about 2 hours. There are seats with backs on one side of the arena and bleachers on the other side. Getting there 2 hours before the start is early enough to get the seat you want. Nice, casual clothing under the gown is dressy enough for most students.