Where do I get information about summer school?

How do I register for summer school?

When should I register for summer school?
If you have internet access, log on as soon as online registration opens. If you don't have internet access, mail in your registration. Booklet with registration form.

What should I do if the online registration system says the class I want is full?
Mail in your registration. Booklet with registration form.

What summer school courses are incoming freshman eligible to take?

  • 1 Art
  • 1 Theatre
  • Broadcast Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Journalistic Writing and Production
  • Access ETHS
  • Computer Keyboarding Applications
  • Prep Math
  • Bridge to Spanish 2

How demanding is Health during the summer?
  • "My son took health last summer and said it was easy. He said he was glad he didn't take it during the year, when it's a 'real class.'"
  • "My son really enjoyed health class last summer. If you are going to sign up for health over the summer, be one of the first on-line to do so. These classes fill up fast, and they won't open additional sessions in the summer, even if there is a big waiting list."
  • "My daughter took health course summer after freshman year. She liked the class and also the teacher, Mr. Wilburn. I remember there being readings, written assignments, tests and group projects such as an in-class debate on a health issue. Not a huge amount of work, but there definitely is content in the class that most students probably do not already know, and the whole semester's content is being taught in those six weeks. At least two people who teach this course (Mr. Wilburn and Mr. Consiglio) have class web pages, so anyone interested in what is covered could look at their course descriptions and assignments."

Is there much homework in Graphic Design?
"Graphic Design has almost no homework because most assignments require the kids to use a computer graphics program which is only available in the classroom."

Should my incoming freshman take 1 Art?
1 Art is not a required course. It is simply the pre-requisite for a handful of visual arts classes, such as Photography, Ceramics, and 3-D Sculpture. There are many other courses which fulfill the fine arts requirement, including all of the music classes, plus Theatre, Debate, Broadcast Media, etc. If your student really wants to take 1 Art, he or she can take it during the school year, or next summer.

If you have a student who is likely to pursue theater, choir, band or orchestra through their high school career, they should not take Art 1, but an applied art or science (like Graphic Design). To graduate, they need three arts credits, and at least one must be applied art or science, and at least one must be a fine art. If they're into performing arts, they will easily fulfill the fine arts credit. My advice is to get that applied art or science out of the way as soon as possible.

Should my incoming freshman take Access ETHS?

  • "Access ETHS is a fantastic class. I would recommend this for almost any student, regardless of achievement level. Unless your student has already been taking math at ETHS (and is thus very familiar with the school), please consider it. My daughter took this class (at my urging, not by her own choice), and loved it!"
  • "My daughter also took Access ETHS as an incoming freshman. Although it's listed under Special Education, I believe (and hope!) that it is still a class intended for students at all ability levels. I don't think her particular class was as good as some of the other sections (from what I heard at the time), but it was definitely a wonderful way for her to become familiar with the building and school resources. It made her much more comfortable when she started school in the fall."