Support Programs

Where do I get information about support programs?

What are Systems of Support?
Assistance to help students with academic coursework before, during and after school. For a complete FAQ, see the SOS Student/Parent Guide.

What is STAE?
Program Components
• Target math and/or English at the honors level
• Two-year program that includes a small STAE study hall led by a grade level coordinator,
special sessions devoted to study skills, and monitored academic progress – no credit given
• Mandatory pre-9th summer elective English course
• Invitational program

What do parents say about STAE?
"My son is also an excellent student, but does not 'test well'.
We have found STAE to be very helpful and a good way to start at ETHS. He enjoys having a study hall with the same kids and a teacher that knows him and can help in whatever subject he needs it. I also asked some folks about the program beforehand and got lots of positive feedback so we went ahead."

What is AVID?
Program Components
• Target English, reading, math and science at the high end of the regular level
• Four year program which includes a yearly two credit elective study skills/college prep course
• Invitational program
• Student interview required

What do parents say about AVID?
"AVID has been a very good resource for my son--all 4 years. It made a big difference in his ability to handle higher level classes without too much stress.It helps if you go to the various meetings and understand what they are teaching, and be sure her teachers are aware of her as an AVID student. This is a national program--look it up on the web."